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The Strasbourg Orangerie Park

The Orangerie Park is the oldest park in the city is the favorite rendezvous for lovers, joggers and Sunday strollers. Children love its play areas, its vintage car circuit, its miniature farm and its zoo (free).

It is here that the stork threatened a loss of time was successfully reintroduced. More than 800 young storks have emerged since 1971. The beautiful bird symbol of Alsace can be admired in all seasons. The lake, decorated with a large romantic waterfall, lets indulge in the joys of boating.

The Josephine Pavilion hosts temporary exhibitions and events. The Buerehiesel, pretty half-timbered house has a gourmet restaurant. Bowling and terrace complete the leisure offer.

The Orangerie Park is 20 minutes from our hotel taking the tram E, Go up to the stop "Contades Park" 5 minutes walk from the hotel and stop to "Human Rights, Man"

Route between Royal Lutetia Hotel and The Orangerie Park