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The History of the Royal Lutetia Hotel

cheap hotels near lal Cathedral of Strasbourg The Hotel Lutetia was built late 1930s on the site of a former printing by Mr Alfred Schultz, son of the printer.

The Hotel wanted one of the few institutions that have a certain class. It had 52 bedrooms, a good part with private bath, which at the time represented a sign of comfort and wealth.

During the war, the hotel was bombed and a good part of the neighborhood. It was rebuilt on the plans of the past. The base is still listed building.

cheap hotel near the historic center of Strasbourg Following the death of its owner, the Lutetia was sold several times without ever really regain the luster of its infancy.

In 2001, Mr RAUGEL, the current owner, bought the property and undertook a major renovation in order to find the brand that made its reputation. Hotel Lutetia became LUTETIA ROYAL HOTEL

cheap hotel in Strasbourg between the parliament and the center hsitorique Did you know ?

The hotel is located in a residential area built by the Germans after 1870. Thus the Avenue des Vosges buildings and surrounding streets have a characteristic architecture of this most remarkable époque.L'ensemble is Republic Square with the Palace of the Rhine, the two buildings housing the services of the Prefecture and those of the General Treasury, the national and university library, and the national Theatre of Strasbourg